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Print Services

“Minimize Expenses… Maximize Investments”

"Our commitment is to help you reduce the expenses associated with document output and assist you to realize the greatest benefit from your technology investments!"

Strategic Planning & Management

  • understanding your current document output environment enables an effective strategy to provide maximum benefits with the minimum expenses
  • a customized document strategy balances expense reduction with personal convenience and productivity
  • objectives will be realized by implementing process controls and technologies to measure and manage to your strategy. Read more

Procurement Services

  • customized RFPs and careful, unbiased review of vendor responses guarantees the best possible results from your purchasing efforts
  • experience on both sides of the client/vendor relationship provides for increased value from the products and services you receive
  • eliminate less-than-productive hours meeting with potential vendors to differentiate their technologies, services and pricing programs. Read more

Document Workflow

  • strategies that extend beyond asset utilization and costs to the workflows employed in your document life cycle processes to improve productivity
  • workflows and process controls that maximize the quality of documents from your investments in color technologies
  • production workflows that streamline high-volume and repetitive print jobs
    driving the greatest productivity, shortest production schedules and lowest expense. Read more

"Business Communications Group brings independence and industry experience to assist you with creation and implementation of an effective document strategy.

We provide a strategic approach to managing documents versus one driven by hardware vendors with their own objectives and technology or manufacturer limitations."



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