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Consulting Services

"Expand Your Client Services…
                    Increase Your Bottom Line"

Our commitment is a partnership to develop and implement successful managed print services to expand your business opportunities!

Services Development

Business Communications Group will work closely with you to identify, develop and implement services that will enable you to participate in the growing Managed Print Services marketplace.

  • Assess your current resources and strengths
  • Identify opportunities and target markets
  • Develop service offerings which you can successfully sell and deliver


Business Communications Group will work hand-in-hand with your administrative, service and sales operations to provide training for successful launch and implementation of your new services.
  • Identify of key positions and personnel
  • Implement necessary process controls and software tools
  • Coordinate new vendor relationships and service training
  • Execute sales training

Marketing and Sales Support

Business Communications Group will provide full support for development of your go-to-market strategy and medium- to long-term support of your sales effort.

Develop marketing messages and value propositions

  • Create sales and client implementation processes
  • Provide sales collaterals and presentation tools
  • Perform in-field client sales calls, group presentations and trade show support

Partnering Opportunities

If you find yourself under competitive pressures or needing to meet client requests that are beyond your current capabilities, Business Communications Group is available as a business partner to provide advanced services to your clients.

“Business Communications Group is a hands-on consulting organization – we are not here to simply tell you what you need to do but will be fully engaged to help you meet your objectives – we measure our success by your success!”



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