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Document Output Discovery

A thorough document output discovery is the foundation for a successful and durable document output strategy. The information and analysis will provide the measurements that identify opportunities and provide baselines to measure success.

Assets and Placements

Rather than look for opportunities to sell your organization additonal hardware we take a detailed look at all of your assets so we can make recommendations to rationalize and optimize your document output environment.

  • Accurate census of all local, shared and network output devices including component-, cartridge- and inkjet-based print engines
  • We include copiers, facsimile machines, multifunction devices, printers and scanners
  • Placements are carefully recorded and mapped
  • Our standard process include tracking utilization volumes on both local and network devices for a minimum of 30 days and optimally for 90 days
  • Development of device cost models and document output expenses based on your actual contracts and purchasing behaviors

Gathering and analyzing highly detailed data as outlined above allows us to develop an accurate model of your document output environment and understand the interdependencies of asset placement and technology type.

If your organization is committed to a strategic approach to your document output environment versus traditional swap and replace technology refreshment you will benefit greatly from this level of understanding.

User Workflow Behaviors

The vast majority of service providers in our industry focus solely on device volumes to make recommendations for asset rationalization and optimization. Experience has taught us that it is actually more important to understand the how and why of document production than simply the where and how much.

  • How do end-users choose an output device, by convenience or least-cost?
  • Are end-users utilizing the best asset for the job?
  • How much unneccessary and excess color printing is occuring?
  • What desktop applicatons are driving page volumes to your document output devices?
  • How does asset placement and printing patterns impact employee productivity?
  • What is the impact of document production workflows on employee productivity?

Experience with organizations in business, education and government has proven that you can realize significantly higher savings by managing and modifying user workflow behaviors than purchasing hardware, supplies and services at lower costs.

As your strategic partner Business Communications Group is focused on reducing your usage and related expenses; not capturing the revenue stream.

Management Processes and Strategies

You cannot forge a strategic path forward without taking into account the impact that your current management principles and process have on your technology implementaton and the resulting expenses. As part of our discovery process Business Communications Group considers these factors:

  • Does your budgeting process create excess investments in and expenses associated with technology?
  • Do your purchasing practices and curent contracts deliver the maximum value to your organization?
  • What is your strategic view of document production, user bahaviors and the assocaited expenses?
  • Are you able to accurately measure your costs and expenses and compare them to industry standards?
  • What management process are in place to manage your asset base and maximize your capital invenstments?
  • Which of these, if any, will prevent you from successfully implementing a document output strategy?

We will present you with an honest and unbiased assessment of how your current management processes impact your document output environment. These are critical factors for implementing a successful document output strategy; we often see organinizations unwilling to enact necessary changes. This is a business decision that should be made on an analysis of the return on investment.


"Business Communications Group’s holistic approach considers all of the elements which comprise your document output environment — unlike others who focus on those they wish to replace — we include all local and network devices and all technologies.

We study the impact of current processes, management principles and user behaviors as drivers of output volumes and expenses."



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